Michael Dye

In 2012, Michael celebrated his 40th anniversary in the FBO industry. He is head of the firm’s office in the Denver area.

Dye’s early experience included various management and executive positions with Combs-Gates Denver, Jet Aviation Boston, EJA (now NetJets), and Butler Aviation (now Signature Flight Support).  In 1993, his direction changed, and Dye began to focus in on providing specialized professional services for the FBO & General Aviation industry.  Consequently, over the past 19 years, Dye has developed an outstanding reputation as an industry expert who is in tune with business owners, managers, and buyers alike.  He serves clients who are in various stages of business development, those who are in the process of selling, and assistance to prospective buyers.  He specializes in FBO Valuations, Business Plans (for private business owners, airport authorities, and municipalities), and assistance with brokerage, Offering Documents, and consulting.

In 1999, Dye formed an aviation consulting firm, Business Presentation Solutions (“BPS”), based in Aurora, Colorado. In 2003, BPS rolled out the FBOsforSale.com and FBOConsultant.com websites as a means to reach and provide professional services to FBO and GA business owners.  Along with his colleague, Thomas Esposito, Dye is actively involved with FBO owners and buyers.

From 2004 through 2010, Dye owned a Tier 3 FBO in the South/Central US. Now, as a former FBO owner, Michael’s first-hand ownership experience is invaluable to BPS’ clients. As a way to celebrate the completion of 40 years in the FBO and General Aviation industry, in 2012, Michael completed two one-of-a-kind eBooks targeted toward aviation business owners (Sellers) and their potential buyers.

  • For Buyers: How to Buy an FBO or GA Business – 7 Key Things You Need to Know before you Buy.
  • For Sellers:  How to Sell Your FBO or GA Business – 7 Key Things You Need to Know Before You Sell.

Dye is a multi-engine, instrument pilot with approximately 2,000 hours.