Hubie Lee

As the President and CEO of PRG Aviation Systems, an industry software development company based in West Hills, California, Hubie is an active and important member of the team.

The relationship and friendship between Hubie and Michael Dye extends back almost 25 years, when Hubie was developing PRG Aviation Systems.   He is a graduate of UCLA with a Degree in Economics, and he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Early in his career, he developed expertise in the auditing of real estate and stock brokerage firms, with special interest in information technology.   In 1973, Lee started his own CPA firm, which he later sold to start a consulting firm for clients in real estate and the hospitality industry.

Through a series of events, Lee’s business began to develop custom software applications for several customers in a range of different industries.  In 1984, the Company designed and developed its first custom application for the aviation industry which included modules for tracking and managing flight operations, aircraft maintenance, and flight crews.  This particular software was used for over 30 years by Ameriflight.  In 1990, Lee developed the company’s first software package for the FBO industry, and PRG Aviation Systems (“PRG”) was born.

Over the years, as head of PRG, Hubie has developed extensive expertise in financial assessment, sales & marketing, and software development for FBOs, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Charter, and other general aviation operators.