In today’s busy world, FBO Owners and managers face increasing challenges at every turn. And in recent years, one of the most significant challenges has been to ensure that an FBO’s or Ground Handling company’s ground support personnel are trained and certificated to meet the FAA’s mandates for compliance with 14 CFR 139.321 (handling and storing of hazardous substances including aviation fuels).

At Aviation Training Academy, we now offer FAA-approved on-line training services that will enable every FBO Owner, Manager, or Supervisor to receive the required training as well as continuing education for professional ground support personnel, supervisors, and managers.

Aviation Training Academy is headed by the team of Walter Chartrand, DeborahAnn Calvalcante, and David Ware; three of the industry’s most experienced training professionals. More information

ATA’s unique, one-of-a-kind on-line programs are designed to certify Line Service Technicians and Line Service Supervisors in all aspects of 14 CFR 139 and Fuel Safety Training. ATA’s programs also provide curriculums for certification in Self-Fueling Operations, International Ramp Agent, and Line Service Leadership (for supervisors and managers). We also offer a “How To” course on Preparing for a 14 CFR 139.321 Audit.

At ATA, our system is unique, cost effective, and unlike anything else offered in the industry today.

Until now, the only alternative has been to invest in a complete package of expensive course materials on a cost per student basis. The problem is that when a trained employee leaves the company, your investment is lost. At ATA, we’ve developed our on-line training programs to meet the needs and budget of a wide range of aviation business owners and employees.

Our System Works:

  • Invest as you go in new hire training. Each course is priced independently.
  • Train to Retain Structure.
  • Standardization of Training with a flexible format.
  • Easy and convenience to train on your schedule.
  • Eliminates travel expenses associated with our competitors’ courses.

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