Our eBook Refund Policy -
“How To” Guides for FBO Sellers and Buyers


Our eBook Refund Policy is simple and straightforward.  Please read carefully before purchase:

  • The decision to buy one of our eBooks should be carefully considered before pushing the “buy-now” button.


  • The eBooks were written by an industry expert with 40 years of experience with FBO and General Aviation businesses.  Each book represents over 1,000 hours of work by the Author and hundreds more from editors and support staff.  Ample information about the eBooks and their content has been provided on our web site.  If you are considering a purchase and need more information prior to your decision to buy, contact the Author directly at ebookinfo@fboconsultant.com and he will be happy to talk with you about it.
  • Unlike many eBooks which are vague and non-specific, our eBooks provide the reader with an in-depth look at the topics for which they have been written.  Our eBooks are intended to provide value to the purchaser, for the situations described and discussed.  They are intended to be informative and entertaining.  However, we make no warranty or guarantee that the information will solve a particular issue or circumstance that a FBO or General Aviation business Owner, or a prospective Buyer may find themselves in.   Please read our Disclaimer Notice for more information on this.
  • We realize that no one situation fits everyone or their situation.

Refund Policy:

  • We will not issue a refund if you don’t like the content, or don’t understand it, don’t agree with it, or it offends you in some way.
  • We will not issue a refund to other consultants who want to review our materials and then attempt to apply for a refund.  Sorry Guys!  This material is the Author’s intellectual property.
  • Our eBooks are intended for the sole use of the purchaser, on the purchaser’s computer system or via printed copy, or via hard copy shipped to purchaser.  We will not issue a refund for those purchasers that we believe are attempting to share, copy, pirate, or steal our materials without paying for them.  Such will be a violation of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.
  • The Author/Publisher has chosen to offer these materials in hard copy for an additional charge which covers printing, spiral binding, and shipping.  We will not issue a refund if you don’t like the format in which your eBook has been delivered.
  • Please Note: Our eBooks are published with Adobe In-Design and exported to a PDF format, designed for Adobe Acrobat viewer from Version 6.0 to Version X.  The eBook has been secured using a third party vendor, www.electronicdeadbolt.com.  This service will only permit the PDF to be viewed and used on the purchaser’s computer system.
  • The Author/Publisher grants the purchaser the right to print the eBook PDF, at purchaser’s discretion, for the purchaser’s sole use.  It is the Author/Publisher’s intent that each of the eBook products can be used by the purchaser to assist in the facilitation of the tips, methods, and keys described in each publication.  Such use may extend to purchaser’s colleagues, employees, family members and those assisting in such facilitation.  However, the Author/Publisher does not grant the purchaser any right to share the files electronically, distribute or share printed copies (in whole or part) to others not associated with purchaser, and who have not purchased the eBook products.  Attempts to share the Author/Publisher’s eBooks or enclosed materials with those who have not purchased the product and who attempt to use, share, copy, or maintain ownership of the product (or any portion of it) separate from purchaser will be deemed in violation of International and Federal copyright laws and our Terms of Use.  Such is expressly prohibited and will be subject to prosecution.
  • Purchaser’s use of options for PDF print-to-file as an effort to file share is expressly prohibited and may result in revocation of the product registration code.
  • All of our eBook products have been registered with the Library of Congress and are subject to Federal and International copyright laws.
  • We will consider a refund once a purchaser contacts us directly with a legitimate complaint or concern.  Refunds may be issued to those purchasers who have not received their eBook product, or who we can verify cannot open the material on their PDF viewer.  All refunds will be at the sole discretion of the Author and Publisher.

For Refund Issues:  Contact Michael Dye via email at ebookinfo@fboconsultant.com.  Please allow 24 – 48 hours for response.