The FBO and General Aviation business is an extremely small and specialized industry that is undergoing dramatic changes in almost every line of business. And, for Buyers who are new to the industry, or those who’ve never pursued an industry acquisition, the process of finding, analyzing, and acquiring the location and types of business can be a challenging event.

Over the years, as an industry consultant and former FBO business owner, I’ve learned first hand that there is no real source of information available that will help buyers understand the complexities and fundamentals of an FBO or General Aviation business acquisition…Until Now.

Whether you’re an industry newcomer, an investor, or even an industry veteran that is searching for your own business opportunity, this comprehensive guide was produced to present a wealth of information about the key things every FBO or General Aviation business buyer needs to know as they begin the search and acquisition process.

At $199, this eBook – “How to Buy An FBO or General Aviation Business, 7 Key Things You Need to Know Now!” is an incredible value. There is no other resource that I’ve found to compare it with, anywhere.

Here’s a sample of the powerful information that is included in this eBook for Buyers:

  • Each Chapter presents one of the 7 Keys That You’ll Need to Know, as you proceed through the FBO/GA business acquisition process. I’ve also included a bonus “Introduction” section, and an 8th Chapter entitled “Pulling It All Together”.
  • In “Chapter 1 – FBO Ownership: The 7 Basic Truths, I discuss the important premises that should guide every prospective buyer who is new to FBO ownership.
  • “Chapter 2 – The Business History” presents some critical information about how to assess a business’ history. There is an in-depth section on the Airport Lease & Operating Agreements and the 11 Key Provisions that I examine, up-front. In Chapter 2, I also discuss the “Ten Reasons Why FBO Owners Sell”, an important topic in today’s market.
  • In “Chapter 3 – Location, Location, Location, describes the three most important ways that an FBO’s location must be assessed up front, by a Buyer. Airport operations, infrastructure, demographics, and competitive influences are all discussed in-depth.
  • For a new-to-industry Buyer, “Chapter 4 – The Airport Authority: The X-Factor” is one of the most critical pieces of information that both Buyers and Sellers alike will need to know. This information is not available anywhere else.
  • “Chapter 5 – Examining the Lines of Business” covers over 30 pages. It is an in-depth look at the “How To” of requesting and analyzing an FBO’s key lines of business including Fueling & Line Services, Flight Training, and Aircraft Maintenance and Charter.
  • For the inexperienced industry buyer, “Section 6 – Financial Analysis”, is critical information. It provides a detailed list of the information and criteria that every-one should use to analyze and assess the financial performance of key lines of business. I also discuss Business Valuation Techniques commonly used in the industry today, and some common components of value.
  • Make no mistake, all Buyers need to think about their plan for the new business. And in “Chapter 7 – Your Business Plan”, I’ve presented an in-depth roadmap that explains the “How To” of developing this important document.
  • I’ve included a Bonus Chapter – “Pulling It All Together” which describes “The Lessons of Curtis”, an actual client experience from 2011. It re-enacts one of my FBO Assessment assignments, as seen from the perspective of several of the Keys presented in this eBook.

For the Buyer who is interested in pursuing the acquisition of an FBO or other General Aviation business, this “How To Buy An FBO or General Aviation Business” eBook is an important guide. If you’re serious about buying an aviation business, I guarantee that it will be a valuable tool for the serious buyer.

Michael Dye
Michael Dye
Author & Publisher

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