Introducing Our New eBooks

Our eBooks are unlike anything else in the industry today. Written by an industry veteran and former FBO owner with over 40 years of experience; these eBooks provide both Buyers and Sellers/Business Owners with a comprehensive, common-sense guidelines for acquisitions.


Our eBook 1 – For Buyers

  • For newcomers or Industry veterans
  • Over 80 Pages of Detailed Information
  • 7 Chapters Plus a Bonus Chapter
  • Delivered in electronic PDF Format
  • Learn the Keys to analyzing FBO lines of business
  • Learn How to conduct a realistic Financial Analysis
  • Covers Line Service, Aircraft Maintenance & Flight Training
  • Learn why the Airport Authority may be your “X” Factor
  • Aviation Business Plans Explained
  • Priced at $199. May save you thousands

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Our eBook 2 – For Business Owners/Sellers

  • The 7 Keys you’ll need to know before you begin the sales process
  • Over 60 pages of Detailed Information
  • The 10 most common Buyer types
  • How to develop and produce a professional Offering Document
  • Six of the FBO/GA Business Owner’s most common challenges
  • A comprehensive guide to the “Selling Process”
  • Bonus Chapter: Lessons Learned – Some Real-Life Examples
  • How to Plan for the Airport Presentation
  • Priced at $199. Worth 10 times the price.

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