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Anyone who knows me well also knows that I believe in the power of our partner company, Aviation  Over the years, I have come to believe that it is one of the most powerful tools that anyone can use to communicate their products, services, aircraft, FBO, MRO, or other type of business on a global scale.   Since 2008, my partner, Martin Petera, the founder of has worked hard over the years to keep AB at the forefront of the general/corporate aviation advertising industry.  He is a great guy, and one who is consistently interested in the quality of our service and relationships throughout the industry.

And now, Martin and I are pleased to announce the re-launch of and our email broadcast services.  The site has a new, fresh look, for advertisers who are contemplating the use of our global email marketing, website development, or branding assistance. The site needed a major face-lift, no doubt.  But we know from experience that it is the initial doorway through which we can continue to offer our advertising services on a global scale to our subscribes in the general aviation, corporate aviation, commercial aviation, FBO, MRO, and other sectors within the aviation community.

Our legacy product; the email services that we provide to over 50,000 subscribers around the world are the central point that we’ve changed.  The formatting that appears in your in-box has been redesigned to communicate a new, fresh, cleaner look for our advertisers’ ad content.  This redesign is, in part, based upon the comments and suggestions that many of our advertising clients have talked with us about over the past year or so.

But perhaps most important of all…..the technology that we’re now using for our email delivery is nothing short of phenomenal.  One of the ways we’ve improved and upgraded our email service is to deploy programming that ensures that our emails are formatted to appear correctly on 22 different browsers for desktop, tablet, and smart phones including the oldest and latest versions of iPhone and Android.

Our goal is to ensure that our advertising clients’ messages are communicated around the world to our interested subscribers, using the latest in technology.

If you’re an aviation business owner, marketing professional, or aircraft broker that is interested in how your marketing dollars can reach the biggest audience, I am a believer in   Global marketing at a cost-effective, competitive price.  As the man once said, “Not only am I an owner, I’m a client!”


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Michael Dye With over 42 years of experience in the FBO & General Aviation business space, Michael Dye is recognized as one of the industry's most experienced consultants. Dye is a former FBO executive, and FBO & aircraft owner developed a specialized niche consulting company which focuses on the needs of FBO & General Aviation business owners, as well as business buyers, and industry "newbies alike. He is the author of two eBooks written for FBO Owners and FBO Buyers.

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