Welcome to the FBOConsultant.com Blog!


Welcome to the FBOConsultant.com Blog incorporated into our “FBO Consultant” website.

Our mission is to provide focused, insightful, and pertinent information relative to the “business” side of the FBO & General Aviation segment.  Our team of industry experts have approximately 150 years of combined experience in almost every facet of the FBO & General Aviation industry.  And, as full-time industry consultants, we focus our attention toward providing a range of information, services, and products that are needed by aviation business owners across the country.

In the coming weeks, our Blogs will cover a wide range of topics.  On any given day, you’ll find important information that can be used by FBO & General Aviation business owners, their  managers and supervisors, potential buyers, airport managers, and airport sponsors/board members.  Our experts are tuning up their word processors to bring you insights into a variety of subjects including:

  • The Importance of Aviation Business Plans
  • How POS Analytics Can Drive your company’s sales
  • The Effectiveness of new on-line FBO Training Programs
  • Business Brokers: How they can make or break your attempt to sell
  • The Importance of Valuations & Offering Documents

As we begin the journey, I invite you to come back often,give us your comments, and let us know how we can best serve you in the coming years.


Michael Dye


About the author

Michael Dye With over 42 years of experience in the FBO & General Aviation business space, Michael Dye is recognized as one of the industry's most experienced consultants. Dye is a former FBO executive, and FBO & aircraft owner developed a specialized niche consulting company which focuses on the needs of FBO & General Aviation business owners, as well as business buyers, and industry "newbies alike. He is the author of two eBooks written for FBO Owners and FBO Buyers.

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